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It only takes one mosquito to infect your dog.

Heartworm disease is a serious problem caused by a parasite that is transmitted to cats and dogs via mosquitoes. "Heartworm is present in just about every area of the United States," says Dr. Donald W. Doiron, president of the American Heartworm Society.

A small female mosquito spreads the disease when it bites an infected animal and ingests very tiny larvae that live in the blood. Eight days to a month later, when the pest bites a healthy pet, it deposits the larvae, which mature and travel through­out the dog's body. Over time, the heartworms can interfere with and damage your dog's heart, and subsequently other vital organs, by blocking the flow of blood.

Remember, it only takes one mosquito to infect your dog. Indoor-only dogs still make quick walks or trips to the backyard, which make them just as likely to get heartworm. Mosquitoes have a way of squeezing themselves through small openings in screens, doors, and windows - if they've previously fed on any infected dogs and cats in the neighborhood, they can transmit that infection to your pet.

Although heartworm is very dangerous and can be fatal, there is hope for our furry friends. The best thing you can do to help your dog stay healthy indoors as well as out is to get him tested, be vigilant about giving heartworm prevention medication regularly, and visit us for regular checkups.

During the month of April, all dogs that have had an exam within the last year can get a FREE heartworm test with the purchase of 12 months of preventative! This is a simple blood test that only takes a few minutes--call us today to schedule!

If you are already a client, get a $25 credit on your account for referring a friend and they will also receive $25 off their first visit!!

All Creatures Animal Clinic in Phoenix, AZ is a companion animal hospital accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. Our experienced team of veterinarians and veterinary technicians welcome you and your pet to our practice.

It is our daily commitment to provide quality veterinary care to your dog, cat, exotic pets, and other small animals. Here at All Creatures Animal Clinic, we make it our goal to ensure that both you and your pets are comfortable during your visit and have all of your questions and concerns addressed by our staff.

Dedicating our time and devotion to your pet’s health and well-being, we care for your pet as we would our very own. We practice the highest quality of veterinary medicine and strive to educate our clients on preventive care and early detection to help your companions live long and healthy lives.

As a full service animal hospital, we offer a wide range of services including digital radiology, various surgical procedures including spaying and neutering, oral and dental care, vaccinations, declaw, and an on-site pharmacy with heartworm preventatives, flea and tick control, and many other available medications.

Our health care team is committed to providing personal attention to the unique concerns of each individual pet owner.

We have experience diagnosing and treating many different types of illnesses and issues, from commonplace to complex.

Please call us at any time regarding inquiries about our services or questions related to your pet’s health. We look forward to providing your pet with the best medical care for a long and healthy life.

All Creatures Animal Clinic is AAHA accredited! Only about 15% of all veterinary hospitals in the United States have completed this comprehensive evaluation of more than 900 veterinary standards. The American Animal Hospital Association developed this accreditation to raise the level of animal care provided by veterinary hospitals and we also believe that your pets deserve the best!

Oral & Dental Care

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